Open Shop

Open shop is held in the EMEAC building at 4605 Cass Avenue in Detroit. It’s a time for anyone to bring in a bike for repairs or to volunteer parting out donated bikes. Always keep in mind that it’s a women, queer and trans* centered space.

  1. The closest door to the shop is located in the alley behind the building, between W. Forest Ave. & Prentis St. The door is two steps above ground level and there are several more steps up to the shop. In warm weather the door will be open, but if it’s cold outside the door will be unlocked and left shut. Be sure to knock loudly if you’d like someone to come out and help carry in your bike.
  2. Parking is usually permitted in the unfenced lot on Prentis, if you’re driving to the shop.
  3. For stair-less entry there is a second door and ramp on the side of the building parallel to Forest Ave, set off from the street. Please ring the bell and be patient, our shop is at the other end of the building and we might have to wipe off greasy hands before going anywhere.
  4. ADA parking spots are located in the lot adjacent to the door, which is accessed from the alley.

The numbers on the map refer to the described locations above