Q: What does it mean: women, queer and trans* centered?

A: Fender Bender Detroit holds women, queer and trans* identities at the core of our programming and works to create access to skills and resources while building safe space and a community of support.

i.e. In Open Shop & group rides we prioritize the leadership of people who hold these self identities, but all are welcome to attend!


Q: What is safe space?

A: Fender Bender Detroit believes that a safe space is one where marginalized people feel secure enough to participate, be emotionally present, ask questions, talk or not talk, listen, feel free from harm, hold each other accountable, be vulnerable, engage in meaningful conversations around justice, and have fun!!

Recognizing that there’s not a universal manifestation of safe space, we provide structures for people to explore and define their own wants, needs, and imagination whilst safeguarding one another by acting with respect to the following practices: trans*, queer, and women positivity; sex positivity; feminism; anti-racism; anti-capitalism; non-heteronormativity; consent based organizing; non-hierarchical (horizontalist) organizing; and collective decision making.

Example 1: We always ask for consent. If you’re struggling through a bike repair, we don’t assume you want help without asking. No mechanic from this shop will pull tools from your hands while you’re still working.

Example 2: At meetings, workshops, and events, we introduce ourselves with preferred pronouns. We ask that visitors & volunteers use gender-neutral or gender-inclusive pronouns -or no pronouns at all- unless informed of an individual’s preferred gender pronoun(s).


Q: Do you have a mailing list?

A: For now, we rely on our facebook page to publicize classes, events and organization updates. If you’d like to be added to one of our volunteer lists please email us at fenderbenderdetroit@gmail.com. See our Help Out! page for the different volunteer lists you can be added to, and we’ll contact you the next time we’re planning an event.


Q: How can I donate to Fender Bender Detroit?

A: From your computer, you can send money via Paypal to fenderbenderdetroit@gmail.com.  During Open Shop you can make a cash, check, or credit/debit card donation in person, or donate materials like old bikes and used parts. See the ‘Materials’ section of our Help Out! page for more details.


Q: Are donations tax deductible?

A: it’s complicated (coming soon)