Bike Check! 1 2 1 2 …. May 2015

We’ve all heard someone shout out Mic Check! …and Bike Check! is not all that different. The workshop series will you to test your bicycle for tune-up and mechanical needs to get it road ready during any season. Spring has officially arrived – most us are GEARING UP to take that inaugural spring cruise (if you haven’t already). Do so on a bike that you’ve loved and is going to love you back. Bike Check! happens on four consecutive Saturdays May 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th 11a-2p – is open for women, trans*, and queer folks in Detroit to register. Each class will focus on a certain function and repair of the bicycle, download the May 2015 Bike Check! Syllabus. Registration is due no later than Friday April 30th. If you’re interested in receiving a registration email, send inquiry to We look forward to wrenching on bikes with you soon! And if you can’t make this round of classes – the series will happen again July 2015. Here’s a few pics below from previous classes too, to get an idea of what you’re in for. Peace. love, and bike grease!

Learning the parts and pieces of the bicicleta. From Bike Check! summer 2012
Learning the parts and pieces of the bicicleta. From Bike Check! Summer 2012
mech train 4

Team Work, makes the dream work.

Overhauling hubs!

Stops focused bike repair to kindly pose for a pic. Summer 2013


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